Turkish Reels Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish reels, Turkey reels manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality reels from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

2000 KIMYA AMBALAJ PLASTIK MAKINE SAN. TIC.        Türkiye         
s boxes, coves, automotive parts, furniture parts, plastic parts, electronic components, dies, textile accessories, ready made garment accessories, hangers, reels, plastic buttons, pe, pp, pvc bottles, plastic caps for bottles
s wooden product, wooden products, reels, drums, pallets, crates
s fire hoses, fire hose cabinets, power panels, exit doors, emergency exit doors, fire emergency exit doors, multi-purpose reels, foam cabinets, mobile foam units, foam units, fire doors, personel protection equipments, fire fighting equipments, fire detection systems, in doors fire hose cabinets, rigit hose, flat hoses, full face masks, firemen's equipments, fire blanket, breathing protections, protection equipments, face protection equipments, eye protection equipments, fire door, cabinets, fire sector, helmets, hard hats, nozzles, reels, fire equipments, fire emergency exit door, multi-purpose reel, reel, foam cabinet, mobile foam unit, foam unit, fire door, fire equipment, fire detection system, rigit hose, hearing protection equipments, protective suits again chemical materials, protective suits, warning devices, personal immobility warning devices, firemen's boots, firemen's gloves, escape masks, escape masks with tube, emergency escape masks, emergency escape masks with tube, breathing apparatus, half masks, polimask half masks, aluminium fiberglass fire intervention suits, fire interventions suits, firemen's helmet, gas measure apparatus, foam cabinet reels, land type fire hose cabinet reels, one leaf fire doors, double leaf fire doors, water guns, reductions, waygate with coupling, nozzle with coupling, controlled nozzle, aluminium controlled nozzle, fire fighting equipments nozzles, aluminium nozzles, difuser nozzle, foam makers, foam liquid inductor, foamy water monitor, foam concentrate, cynthetic foam concentrate, heavy foam nozzle, foam nozzle, medium foam nozzle, foam nozzles, fire protection equipments, fire doors
s aerials, airport vehicles, monitors, pumps, reels, road vehicles, runway foaming vehicle
AVEA ENERJI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Aykut ÖĞTELİK    
s cables, extension cables, roller extension cables, rubber sockets, sockets, grounded sockets, rubber grounded sockets, grounded rubber scockets, rubber plugs, hard hats, monophase sockets, monophase rubber sockets, rubber monophase sockets, monophase rubber plugs, monophase plugs, cable, extension cable, roller extension cable, rubber socket, socket, grounded socket, rubber grounded socket, grounded rubber scocket, rubber plug, hard hat, monophase socket, monophase rubber socket, rubber monophas, plastic cable reel, cable reel, cable drum, plug extensions, socket outlets, metal cable reel, male plug, female plug, female plug coupling, triphase plug, tri-phase plug, triphase female plug, tri-phase female plug coupling, work safety helmet, helmet, safety helmet, power cable cord, power cord, cable reel thermal protector, led bulb, cable reel, helmet, reels, flexible cable, plug, 30 m extension cable, 35 m extension cable, 50 m extension cable, cable reel with drum extension, high capacity low cost cable reel, metal reel, mobile extension, mobile extension cord, multiconductor cable, plastic cable reel, plastic rubberized cable reel, portable cable reel, portable extension cable, portable reel, power point, triple rubber plug socket, rubber monophase socket, monophase rubber plug, monophase plug, industrial cable reel, 20 m cable cable, tri-way rubber plug
EMFANORM ELEKTRONIK PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Emrullah Öğtelik    
s cable, cable reel, led bulb, hard hat, helmet, portable cable reel, portable extension cable, portable reel, roller extension cable, socket
KERIMOGLU OTOMOTIV TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdullah AKDAM    
s auto spare parts, tractor spare parts, steering parts, forged products, cast products, pulleys, reels, pins, bushings, guide rings, nuts, bolts, fittings, shafts, gears, couplings, cylinders, pump intake adapters, push rods, fulcrums, flanges, stop light switches, brake switches, automotive spare parts, automotive spares, steering column, flange, pulley, coupling, fitting, automotive spare part, auto spare part, nut, pin, tractor spare part, shaft, bushing, bolt, gear, reel, cylinder, stop light switch, automotive spare, brake switch, cast product, steering part, forged product, guide ring, pump intake adapter, push rod, fulcrum, streering column
s chains, straight chains, industrial chains, roller chains, block chains, calibrated chain, link chains, twisted chains, bovine chains, dog chains, snow chains, quick links, turnbuckles, threaded rods, wire rope clips, chain shackles, s hooks, grips, rotary grips, rings, d rings, leathercrafts, clips, steel dowels, jute ropes, threaded ropes, sheet, nylon ropes, washing lines, insulated steel ropes., chalk lines, webbings, quick link (spring), quick link (screw), quick link (spring-screw), wheels, overalls, raincoats, chain, cutters, roller chain, gloves, chisels, reels, adzes, pivot hinges, tire chains, insulated steel ropes, long link chains, welded pins, bridge pins, pins with bolt, rein pins, quick link with spring, quick link with screw, press reel, well reels, flagpole reels, rail reels, ratchets, jacketed steel dowels, tubular steel dowels, hemp rope, becket braided rope, packaging rope, dog collars, pickaxes, nail bags, plicers, lifting sling, warning vests, chainmatics, climbing chains, safety chains, block chain, bovine chain, industrial chain
ISMET ACUN AHSAP AMBALAJ A.S.        Türkiye     Aykut Saltik    
s wooden, metal, plywood, cardboard, reels
DENIZ DINAMIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Deniz Dinamik DENİZ    
s reels, eccentrics, concentrics, diesel engine frames, engine frames, motor-bed plates, electric motor frames, jockey engine frames, common engine frames, water colectors, flanges, couplings, couplers, drillers, drill rigs, drilling rigs, derricks, boring towers, air tool accessories, 7kw diesel air tool accessories, 5.5kw diesel air tool accessories, oval flanges, oval diesel flanges, oval motor flanges, water boring towers, reel, eccentric, concentric, diesel engine frame, engine frame, flange, coupling, drilling rig, driller, coupler, drill rig, motor-bed plate, electric motor frame, jockey engine frame, common engine frame, water colector, derrick, boring tower, air tool accessory, 7kw diesel air tool accessory, 5.5kw diesel air tool accessory, oval flange, oval diesel flange, oval motor flange, water boring tower
EAST MARINE DENIZCILIK TUR. A.S.        Türkiye     Oktay ÇELİK    
s marine products, marine supplies, paint and care products, electronic products, navigation devices, fishing, fish farming, aquaculture, aquacultural, electrical materials, installation and ventilation products, sail equipments, clothing products, cabin and kitchen products, anchorage and quay products, inflatable boats, boats, dinghies, deck products, motors, water sports products, hobby products, gift items, security products, fishing equipments, outdoor supplies, camping equipments, personal cosmetic, fish farmi, valves, thinners, boat, electrical material, zinc, cranes, gift item, filters, cable, batteries, personal care product, hoses, battery, thinner, dehumidifier, maps, lanterns, radios, heaters, taps, binoculars, cables, converters, inflatable boat, reels, lubricant, personal care products, water pumps, electrical equipment, lubricants, motor, converter, fishing equipment, dehumidifiers, radar systems, wax polish, navigation lights, lantern, clothing product, fish finder, map, marine product, radio, hobby product, camping equipment, security product, electronic product, compasses, compass, sailing ropes, marine supply, paint and care product, navigation device, installation and ventilation product, sail equipment, cabin and kitchen product, anchorage and quay product, dinghy, deck product, water sports product, outdoor supply, hand tools and bags, wax polishes, boat cleaning supplies, zincs, boat adhesives, fish finders, autopilot systems, ventilation covers, anemometers, hand tools and bag, boat cleaning supply, boat adhesive, autopilot system, radar system, binocular, navigation light
s genova winding systems, asymmetric bubble wrapping systems, mainland winding systems, boom brake, cranes, rail and cars, reels
TEKNO-MAR GEMICILIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s pv - valve, manhole covers, cargo bonnet, reels, fairleds, stairs, fireproof door, bonnet, rope drums, ship equipment, ship products, ship, ship's door, fireproof door
ERK CELIK HALAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s steel rope, rope attachments, chain attachments, lifting equipment, polyester slings, reels, cranes, 316 quality chrome and marine products, marin ropes, clamp, cable ties, dubles, job security, traffic equipment, adhesives, tape types, chain, job security, chain attachments, 316 quality chrome and marine products, marin ropes, dubles
ESEN ROLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Eyüp ESEN    
s axis pipes, axis bobbins, bobbins, reels, paper reels, paper pipes, bobbin, paper bobbin, paper pipe, textile, fabric, paper tubes, paper roll, rolling, wrapping, rolls
SZTR PESIC        Sırbistan     Milos Pesic    
s rods, reels, hooks, fishing equipment